Gunung Mat Cincang in Langkawi

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Gunung Mat Cincang

Gunung Mat Cincang is probably Langkawi’s best-known mountain, aside from its neighbour Gunung Raya. At 850m high, it is the second highest mountain in Langkawi and offers some pretty spectacular views of the island. It is home to the famous cable car that carries passengers 709m above sea level to the apex.

Besides enjoying the spectacular views of the forested and craggy sides of Mount Cincang, on a clear day you can see all the way to the mainland and southwest Thailand. Besides that, at the top of Gunung Mat Cincang you can also have a buffet dinner at the restaurant.


The histories of Gunung Mat Cincang and Gunung Raya are deeply connected and firmly rooted in legend. The story goes that once upon a time there were two giants named Mat Cincang and Mat Raya: though they were extremely close friends, one day at the wedding reception of their children, the two got into a squabble. Each grabbed items nearest to them (pots and pans) to throw at the other. In the middle of the mêlée a number of famous spots around Langkawi were created. A pot of gravy fell in Kuah town, thus resulting in its name (which means gravy in Malay), a bowl of hot water fell in Ayer Hangat (hot water) and a jar was broken in Belanga Pecah (broken crockery).


When the two giants finally came to their senses and realized what a mistake they had made by fighting with each other, they decided to atone for their mistakes by being turned into mountains. Mat Sawar, the mediator for the warring duo, was turned into a small hill (Gunung Mat Sawar) and placed between the two great mountains to ‘watch’ over them in the years to come.

Gunung Mat Sawar

Tel: +604 959 4225 (Cable Car)

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