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  • Pulau Singa Besar Island

    Islands around Langkawi


    Pulau Singa Besar is a massive wildlife sanctuary 17km off the Langkawi coast that’s filled with unique rock formations, mangrove plants, and tranquil beaches. Despite its name (Giant Lion Island), you won’t find any lions but there are plenty eagles, monkeys, mousedeer, hornbills, snakes, monitor lizards and peacocks roaming freely on the island.
    Those on an island-hopping tour may not be able to explore the island, but they can witness an eagle-feeding session at Pulau Singa Besar. While the eagle-feeding session at Pulau Singa Besar only lasts for several minutes, it makes for unique photo opportunities, especially for budding animal photographers.

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  • Once the speedboat stops, your guide will ask visitors to get ready with their cameras before throwing pieces of chicken into the sea. Within a few seconds, there are hundreds of white-bellied fish eagles and kite eagles are flying above the boat and grabbing their food from the waters.
    Fitted with wooden pathways and marked jungle tracks, Pulau Singa Besar is suitable for jungle-trekking while the expansive beaches are great for swimming and picnicking. A one-day trip can be arranged with an experienced nature guide while overnight camping requires permission from local authorities. Visitors can contact the Langkawi Tourist Information Centre (+604 966 7769) before arranging for the latter with speedboat rentals priced at RM600 onwards.

    Pulau Singa Besar Island

    • Location: 17km southwest of Kuah
    • Price Range: RM80 – RM100 for half day island-hopping tour, RM600 – RM900 for private speedboat
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