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Get more insider's information about Langkawi from people who live here and have the passion to explore, experience and share, and from others who travelled there and came back with a story to tell. If you too have a blog, don't hesitate to contact us and we will consider its inclusion in our website... However we will not consider overly commercial blogs and reserve the right to select the ones that best fit our website.

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Steve and Pam Wise

Spwise follows the adventure of Steve and Pam Wise, an expat family hailing from London, Ontario and now living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Currently working at Taylor’s University, Steve is a devoted Christian and together with his wife, celebrates life the Malaysian way, complete with traditional weddings, community works and outbound travels. Pictures are plenty, with all echoing friends, families and beautiful places around the world – all the best elements of life.

Not Just Odonata

Not Just Odonata is a blog focusing on the wonders of flora and fauna in Langkawi. ‘Odanata’ means dragonflies, and what initially started as a blog recording any dragonfly found on the prized island, grew to become a recollection of insects and other creatures, usually stumbled during kayaking and jungle trips. Mandy, the autor of the blog remains reclusive without revealing too many details about her, but we aren’t fussed – she gives the ultimate spotlight towards the rarely-appreciated creatures and we’re more than glad to read all her adventures!

Langkawi Nature Blog, Conservation Issues and more

A blog dedicating to Langkawi’s flora and fauna, Dreaming of Pandora Forest presents a platform for those who want to contribute to the on-going efforts of Langkawi’s nature conservation. Filled with insights and updates regarding the island’s latest development, the blog aims to play an active role in keeping the lush greenery and the rare species all intact to the grounds of Langkawi.

The Island Drum

The Island Drum is the brainchild of American expat Vanessa Workman, who is currently based in Langkawi, Malaysia. Always frustrated because she kept on missing events happening in the island, Vanessa first started off with a Facebook group to get to know the locals, and then expanded to a full-blown blog after the demand of the information grew. Today, The Island Drum is known to be the pinnacle source of everything and anything Langkawi – Vanessa carefully curates the information in her blog to be timely, efficient and witty to give readers a fresh perspective of the attractive island that is so rarely seen from glitzy travel brochures.

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