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Langkawi is an archipelago of 99 islands, 30km off the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It was a sleepy backwater until 1987 when the Malaysian government granted the island tax-free status in order to promote its tourism industry. The following tourist boom was impressive and spurred Langkawi to become prominent on almost every international travel agency's travel radar.

Getting around the 478.5sqkm island, navigating through its airport as well as dealing with local customs can be difficult, which is why we compiled all the info that you might need onto this page. So take your time and familiarise yourself with the local landscape, and enjoy your holiday when you get here.

Getting Around in Langkawi Getting Around in Langkawi

Langkawi is a fairly large tropical island with a dreadful public transportation system. There is a bus service, but the stops are few and far between. Read More...

Getting There Getting There to Langkawi

Getting to Langkawi is easy as there’s a plethora of ways to do so; from ferry rides to and from the mainland as well as a new international airport it's easier than you think. Read More...

Langkawi History and Culture History and Culture

was once said to have been used as a hideout by pirates in the days of yore. Langkawi believed to have derived its name from the kingdom of Langkasuka – “the land of all one's wishes". Read More...

Langkawi Airport Langkawi Airport

Air Asia is the airborne version of a cheap local minibus, so you can’t go wrong if you’re looking for a good deal without the frills. Read More...

Langkawi Legend Langkawi Legend

Langkawi is a tropical island besotted with mystical legends of its origins and rise. Besides its beautiful beaches, untouched rainforests and exotic wildlife, the numerous mythical fairy-tales. Read More...

Langkawi Travellers Tips Langkawi Travellers Tips

Langkawi is blessed with beautiful beaches and virgin rainforests. This tropical paradise is a tranquil retreat from the rest of the world and an ideal place to unwind.  Read More...

Langkawi Weather Langkawi Weather

Malaysia’s weather is warm and wet due to its close proximity to the equator. The temperature ranges from 21 °C to 32 °C and remains quite uniform throughout the year. Read More...


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Langkawi Information
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