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Padang Matsirat is located only a few kilometres off the road leading to the west coast beaches and Langkawi International Airport. This area of Langkawi doesn’t feature many attractions, activities, dining venues, shopping options nor does it boast much of a nightlife scene.

That being said, it’s also one of the nicer places to stay; one of the accommodation choices in this area is Langkawi Lagoon – a gorgeous resort with chalets on the open water and a private stretch of beach.

There are a few restaurants and attractions in the vicinity but frankly you’re going to need to rent a car to get to them. If you’re looking for a hopping-good time then stick closer to the Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah stretch; it is a 15-20-minute car ride from here to the more popular beaches.

Padang Matsirat Hotels Where to Stay in Padang Matsirat

Although Padang Matsirat does not have the vibrancy of Pantai Cenang or the attractions of Pantai Kok, this area does promise a sense of tranquillity with a peaceful atmosphere.  Read More...

Padang Matsirat Attractions Padang Matsirat Attractions

Although Padang Matsirat is a pretty quiet place, there are still a few places you can visit for some recreation. Read More...

Padang Matsirat Restaurants Padang Matsirat Restaurants

Home to Langkawi International Airport, Padang Matsirat does not boast much in the way of good eateries; if truth be told it is a relatively-undeveloped beachside. Read More...

Padang Matsirat Nightlife Padang Matsirat Nightlife

You’re not likely to see people partying till the wee hours of the morning in this part of Langkawi Island. In point of fact you’re more likely to see village kids illegally joyriding on motorbikes. Read More...

Padang Matsirat Shopping Padang Matsirat Shopping

Padang Matsirat does not offer much duty-free and modern shopping except in the airport. Read More...

Padang Matsirat Activities Padang Matsirat Activities

Most people who stay in this quarter of Langkawi tend to stick to island-hopping. Read More...

Padang Matsirat Map Padang Matsirat Map

Our interactive map (and satellite views) displays all available hotels with photos, facilities and guest comments as well as attractions, landmarks and other items of interest with links to relevant information pages. The perfect way to find your way around and see where everything actually is. Read More...


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