Top 10 Hotels in Pantai Cenang

Most Popular Pantai Cenang Hotels

With a picturesque combination of white sand, turquoise blue waters and verdant palms, Pantai Cenang is the perfect backdrop for many luxurious beachfront resorts as well as quaint budget hotels. The charming Langkawi Chantique Resort is a great option for visitors looking for a quiet and peaceful place to bed down whilst also wanting to stay close to the beachside action. Elsewhere, our handpicked Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa Langkawi offers a truly luxurious five-star accommodation option in Pantai Cenang.

The diverse range of hotels in this popular beach strip results in a colourful jumble of backpackers, expats, Asian tourists and families throng the bustling main road to eat, drink and shop. Read on and spend a night (or five) at our Top 8 Hotels in Pantai Cenang.

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